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Emma, the star of Captial W's RED FLAGS, is part of the Hollywood Fringe Festival's line up this year, but I was lucky enough to catch a preview.

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Because I get a lot of satisfaction from solving complex problems and helping people distill knowledge in a way that makes it accessible to other people. Well, let me back that off a bit: many of the choices we would potentially chalk up to stupidity or cruelty can be chalked up to mere laziness. When I played in a band, half or more of the people I met smoked. I slipped into the habit, and I became a pretty heavy smoker. Then the band broke up. I quit for entirely convenient reasons; health never even entered the conversation.

Why You Should Do the Right Thing, and How to Do It

Or, if you want to get really serious, you can schedule distraction-free time in advance — what Nate and I have started calling Nuclear Mode. To have extra time every day to dedicate to the things that actually matter to you? These are time-tested habits that helped me break the cycle of overwork and exhaustion; this is how I spend less than 40 hours a week on the computer — while making a living and traveling the world.

Note: I will never share your email or spam you with nonsense. Credit: Chris Forbes But there was a catch. I was scared to take out my trash. No, nothing like that.

I was scared someone might see me. In the long run, convenience always wins. Of course not. But we have to start looking at the problem differently. Instead, we just need to make it easier to do the thing we want done than to do anything else. Okay, but how does that actually work? The recycling, on the other hand, was a sixteen-floor elevator ride down, and then you had to carry the recyclables, like, a hundred feet to the dumpster. I like the planet. I would very much like for it to continue to be habitable for human beings.

But also, fuck changing out of pajama pants and putting on shoes just to get rid of a couple cardboard boxes, amirite? I did make an effort — at least at first. Eyes that would see me stuffing recyclables into the trash chute like one of those people — you know the type — who drives a Hummer with vanity plates that say ERTHFKR and tosses styrofoam cups out my window like confetti in a parade. Why would I consciously accept guilt and shame just to save myself a couple minutes of inconvenience?

I could — and did — blame the building for its lack of forethought in designing the trash rooms. I could — and did — come up with numerous other excuses for why this was a failure of the management, or the system, or humanity in general. But, obviously, this was my failure. I could have done the right thing, but I did the wrong thing anyways. Less obviously, though, is something more interesting: this was a completely predictable failure.

The frustrating trend in my life is that I will nearly always end up doing the most convenient thing. But if we look a little deeper and Find The Why 5 another, more useful thread shows up: these decisions are born out of convenience, not ignorance or malice. Theoretically, this all sounds great. But can this really work in practice?

How do we make it easier to study math than to not study math?

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In the past, everyone smoked and smoking was allowed everywhere — it was easy to become a smoker. Monica Araya is working to get Costa Rica off fossil fuels entirely. It can challenge you to think more deeply and plan more carefully.

It provides others an opportunity to exercise their thoughts. Sometimes a project or idea needs followers and supporters in order to get accomplished. It is open-mindedness and humility.

Make the Right Thing the Easy Thing

Except… I ask my children when it comes to their brother who is disabled, because the burden is so heavy for me at times and I need them to share it. Spock and my generation. When Dr.

The Right Thing to Do

As should every other human being on this earth. End of soapbox. Great point. Well taken. I do find it interesting that you make a living advising people on how to live and what to do.

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Absolutely nothing against you, your body of work, your achievements, your contributions, and ideas are inspiring. Still I see all those people who feel obligated to tell us what we should do as little gifts from the universe.

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They are giving us daily opportunities to strengthen our trust in ourselves over all else. Thanks for provoking all of us to see into this topic! For me, the dialogue with others unearths anything unsettled within me and allows me to be heard.

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Loving working with Do You Quantum Think and some of the distinctions about Being in One Conversation and Allowing solutions to come to us without efforting and trying so hard! My boyfriend is struggling with this right now. He is looking to get out of his Of course I could tell him what I would do, or tell him when I think he is not making the right choice but in the end what would that really do for him. Allow I am there for him to talk it out and see both sides I think he has really grown as a person having to make the choice on his own.

Deep down he knows the right thing to do and he will follow his heart. Advice is a dangerous gift. Tolkien When asked my advice I always remember my Tolkien!

Twitter banning political ads is the right thing to do, so it will be attacked mercilessly

Never give advice. Someone gave all of us two ears and one mouth. There must be a reason for that. We do indeed know best for ourselves; our gut will always tell us. Not to get something from me. I think part of what separates doers from dreamers is the decision to silence those voices and do what you know is right—even if it sounds a little crazy. Very good point! As for those in the helping professions, those who advise others about decisions — The best in their field know that their real job is to help the client to empower themselves so they can reach their OWN conclusions and decisions.

The problem is dealing with clients who are looking for a Mommy or Daddy to tell them what to do. This message resonates so strongly with me right now. Thanks for sharing this simple wisdom. How much better off would we all be if we listened to our inner dialogues, instead of outer ones? Most people are out of their comfort zone when they have to stand up for right.