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Emma, the star of Captial W's RED FLAGS, is part of the Hollywood Fringe Festival's line up this year, but I was lucky enough to catch a preview.

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The little mouse believes it is that way because he ate it very nearly all up. The illustrations were nice black and white drawings Paper Covered Boards, 12mo Little Johnny Mouse, who lives in the attic with the rest of the Gray Mouse family, decides to travel to the moon and sample the green cheese there.

Another lovely fantasy with superb color illustrations by the sister of Frank Lloyd Wright Volland's "Sunny Book" series. Maginel Wright Enright, illustrator. Evers, Helen and Alf, Moonymouse , , copyright. I too have been looking for the same book as the poster - where the mouse eats the moon and it's made of cheese and the next night there is a crescent.

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Today I came across the name of the Moonymouse. The cover looks so familiar but I am not able to find out what the inside of the book is about. Maybe this will help the original poster. The book the OP is talking about was my absolute favorite when I was 2 and 3. Jody and Dill, cousins who originally aren't fond of each other, spend the summer together. They discover Jody has magical powers when she says "Oh, shut up and be a squirrel" and Dill turns into a squirrel. They make the mop come to life and spend the summer hiding the mop-lady and keeping her happy.

At the end, Jody no longer needs the temporary glasses she has been wearing and they discover that's where her magical power came from. However, this is not a first or second grade book. This a chapter book, probably upper elementary. M there was a book about magic glasses by Ruth Chew from the 50's I wouldn't say that Ruth Chew is really at a grade 1 or 2 reading level, any more than the Wilson Gage book is. The Gage book does have a boy turned into a squirrel, at least.

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She really could, just as the doctor said she would. Ages No decent plot info, though. They were illustrated by Charles Geer and often had science-fiction elements. This was produced with several different covers over the years. This company also produced Treasure Books. They share some titles.

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Sure hope something in there helps!! I, too, was young in the 50's and had a Mother Goose Book I treasured. It had a cardboard cover which showed many of the nursery rhyme characters including children in period costume. As well there are occasional full-page color illustrations. M58 mother dies: the same query is on the Alibris list, with no success yet, but suggesting that the boy may have been named Beanie as well as wearing one. So, probably not Beany Malone by Lenora Mattingly Weber, published Crowell , which is about a girl, though in the first book, Meet the Malones , the mother has been dead for three years.

It doesn't really sound like Ruth and Latrobe Carroll's Beanie , published Walck either, with Beanie and his dog Tough Enough on a bear hunt in the mountains. There's another Beanie , by Susan B. See Twilight Zone website. Nine year old Timothy, ten year old Agatha and thirteen year old Thomas are left without maternal care until their father buys them an Electric Grandmother.

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There was another TV version in starring Maureen Stapleton. Agatha resists bonding with the electrical grandma because she fears grandma will leave just like her mother did. There's a very cool part of the story when the electric grandma flies a kite with the kids using "silk" that she emits from a fingertip the same way a spider ejects its web.

Also has references to a poem by Walt Whitman by the same name. Bradbury borrowed the title and then makes the story his own. Highly recommended! John Bellairs, The Figure in the Shadows. I now know that I was describing two separate books. Unfortunately, I still don't know what the first book was the one about the mother writing a letter by the moon , but the second book is definitely The Figure in the Shadows.

A young girl successfully applies to a very select boarding school five students, or so and the teachers are using the students to channel great works by dead artists. The protagonist sleepwalks and channels piano concertos, which the teachers record and then pass on to the public as "discovered. I can't believe I haven't read that one - I'm a musician and love spooky stuff, so you'd think I'd have found it by now!

But, I don't think it's this one. I specifically remember this girl - she's about proclaiming her love for the teacher and actually trying, in a fairly innocent way, to seduce him, wearing the dead wife's flowing robes a la Rebecca, I guess He's chivalrous and clever enough to realize what's going on and rejects her advances.

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Is there a love subplot going on in Lois' book? I can't remember other students being there in my book - this girl was just there to practice for 8 hours a day and have constant lessons with him. But I'm going to look for the book you mentioned and see if that might be it. I remember it was a paperback, and the mystery title was written in the script reserved for romance novels - all flowy and cascading down the page. The Inheritor, Marion Zimmer-Bradly , 's. This is a similar story. About a psychologist who has a young 17 yo sister called Emily? They move to a new house in San Francisco which wis haunted. They meet Simon Anstey, godson of the former owner and famous pianist. He becomes romantically involved with the elder sister. There are lots of bits about witch craft, the occult and sacrifices. Jane , Lippincott, Doubtful this is it. The two children, Mark and Kerry, travel to Canada with their father. Their mother stays home with their little brother, Tim, and they don't figure in the story at all. With two boys, Louis and Edgar, whom Mark and Kerry befriend, it does add up to four.

Thanks so much for the personal reply! I haven't checked back on the site for awhile to see if there were any responses. I don't think that title is right - this was definitely a series, and there was a mystery in each one. The heirloom part sounds familiar though - I may try to get a synopsis of that book and see if some other parts of it fit the bill. M63 Montreal series: more of a description of one suggestion, but doesn't pin it down much!

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  3. Algebra lineare: per tutti (UNITEXT) (Italian Edition).
  4. Mystery of Old Quebec , by Mary C. Jane , illustrated by Ray Abel, published Lippincott The whole story deals with a trip to Quebec City and the adventures following in this ancient city. Hilda Van Stockum? This is quite a long shot, since I don't remember the mystery part seems to me the Mitchell children's problems revolved around school and family, but in one book one of Peter's classmates was stealing or cheating or something, and he and his sister Patsy had to find out who it was because Peter was being blamed , but there is a lot of description and atmosphere.

    A sample of one book is here. Hello -- A Google search led me to your site. I hope this provides an additional lead. I absolutely loved this book--I checked it out of my school library almost every year while in elementary school during the second half of the s. I never remembered the title, then, either--I had to go find it on the shelf.

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    Thanks for providing an opportunity to finally track it down again. How about the Canadian - Secret Circle Mysteries from the 's? I have never read them, just came upon a reference and thought it might be worth a look! I've checked out all the titles suggested but none of them fit. In that book the main character--Marya--plays a violin and is involved in great competition for first chair.

    It's recently been reprinted and is an adorable book. This is apparently not The Maggie B , which is described on the Solved page. Is this Moonface by Jack London? M73 moonface: maybe this one?