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Do you struggle to find clarity? Are you longing for a deeper purpose and meaning in life? Do you feel lost on the search for your own path and scared to walk it? Do you feel unfulfilled, drained and as if life is passing you by? Are you struggling with depression and a sense of "life is meaningless"?

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I want to share with you everything I learned on my path to living and expressing my truth in life and business. What if I told you that you have a unique soul signature that is only waiting to be unleashed to serve others and the planet? Imagine waking up excited and energized every morning and feeling connected to your purpose. Imagine fully living in your life force and your Prana on fire, like: all. Imagine experiencing pure bliss and flow as you work on exciting projects and ideas.

Imagine contributing your energies to making this world a better place. Well, I'm here to tell you that you are only steps away from living this life. There was a magical energy that made me feel so supported, guided, understood and inspired. Hearing your messages over and over again really unlocked some of the remaining barriers and blocks within me. Fears disappeared, thoughts of perfection and not being good enough were gone, my self-esteem and the relationship with myself suddenly improved tremendously.

I could finally tap into the field of creating content everyday - even if it maybe sucks at the beginning - but I don't care anymore, I just got my train of creativity rolling I see that my path and visions are so much clearer now after Find Your Magic I simply needed this program for my growth process!

It's just awesome!!! A huge thank you for your commitment to heal this world with all your wonderful content!!!

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Amazing opportunities land in your inbox - just bam, unexpectedly. The right people appear out of nowhere to create synergies. Your energies are endless. You have clarity on your path. And the universe conspires to make even more awesome shit happen for you.


Because hell yeah vibes attract more hell yeah vibes. This will be the new "normal" for you, when you are connected to yourself and your purpose. And trust me when I say that this is already the new normal for so many people out there. And that this is possible for everyone - and yes, you.

When you live and express your purpose in life, success is inevitable. Your own definition of success. Now imagine if more and more people lived in alignment, vibing with higher frequencies of purpose, joy and love. Growing and contributing to the planet with their soul set on fire, helping others set theirs on fire.

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The world needs you to live your truth and express your calling. Your calling needs you to step up and commit. I have been through all versions and varieties of feeling lost in life and business. And every time I was working in a job or starting a business project that didn't fully align with my soul, I would either end up being super unhappy very quickly, I'd get sick or it would fail.

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My pain threshold for anything that doesn't vibe with my truth has always been very low. Back in , I tried the office job. I gave it my all. One month in, I started suffering from depression, intense back pain and frequent colds. After eight months, I quit to pursue my soul's dream of becoming location-independent and make money from all over the world. I tried freelancing and working with clients as a digital nomad. I felt huge resentments towards doing work for my clients and some of them quit their contracts unexpectedly.

Once I started doing that with my travel blog and finally followed my real calling to use my gifts in their intentioned way, this happened:. And yet I would wake up many mornings and doubt everything I was doing. On and off, I had this nagging feeling that nothing I was doing was really meaningful, even though the feedback from my followers was amazing and business was going really well.

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How are you going to make a difference in your lifetime, Conni? I felt it to be true, and yet, I struggled to surrender to not knowing what was going to be next. I felt incredibly lost. And like I had failed. Yeah, I had built a great life for myself. Yeah, I was making good money and most of it passively.

But none of it fulfilled me on a deep level. I felt like a fraud.

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Find out more. Posted in Activities Christmas Food. Update New Arrrivals at Weir and Sons. The problem is you grew up around the mundane, messy, and madness. You sprinkle yourself with magic every once in a while. One reason is that it comes with time.

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Michael Jackson practiced the moonwalk since he was ten before he released it at He was cooking in the kitchen. My challenge to you today is to do what Tim Storey challenged all of us at 10XGrowthCon 2 : Reach up and pull your miracle life down. Become a miracle attractor — believe, expect, and receive miracles. When you get knocked down, have the guts to get back up!

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