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In an interview with the Baltimore Sun, Epstein said:. There is no doubt in my mind," he says "that this was a great and courageous woman, whose religious inspiration was totally authentic. I tried to find some evidence in the voluminous newspaper accounts of her healings, of fraud. There is none.

Instead I found hundreds of pages of newspaper documentation of reporters who were overwhelmed by what they saw at the healing services. The famous phrase used back then was 'those who came to scoff stayed to pray. McPherson stated she had experienced several of her own personal faith healing incidents, among them one in , when her broken foot was mended, an event which first served to introduce her to the possibilities of the healing power.

Her reported first successful public faith healing session of another person was demonstrated in Corona, Long Island, New York, A young woman in the painful, advanced stages of rheumatoid arthritis was brought to the altar by friends just as McPherson preached "Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever", meaning, in part, Jesus had the same power to heal now as in ancient times.

McPherson, laid hands upon the crippled woman's head and witnesses looked on as she walked out of the church that same night without crutches.

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Press clippings, and testimonials became mountainous. To people who traveled with her, the numerous faith healings were routine. When asked by a journalist about these demonstrations, McPherson indicated, "the saving of souls is the most important part of my ministry. Alleged healing miracles played a part in the conversion of past peoples and tribes to Christianity; for example, stated in the testimony of Sozomen AD about the conversion of his friend Alaphion near Gaza from the city of Bethelea.

Alaphion was believed to have been possessed of a devil; and neither the Jewish or pagan physicians and exorcists by their crafts could deliver him from this affliction. The monk Hilarion, by simply calling on the name of Christ, expelled the demon and Alaphion and his whole family and many other relatives immediately embraced Christianity.

The Romani was ethnic group that had many of its members migrate to the United States in the mids.

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Prizing gold and loyalty, the Romani repaid her in part, with heavy bags of gold coin and jewels, which helped fund the construction of the new Angelus Temple. The rain immediately stopped, an event reported the following day by the Wichita Eagle on May "Evangelist's Prayers Hold Big Rain Back," [20] For the gathered Romani, it was a further acknowledgement "of the woman's power". Not all healings were successful and McPherson had occasional well-publicized failures. But these were apparently few and people in ever increasing numbers came to her.

She was invited back again and again to cities that she previously visited.

The Spreckles Organ Pavilion in the park was site of several earlier revival meetings by many of her predecessors, and there McPherson preached to a huge crowd of 30, She had to move to the outdoor site since the 3, seat Dreamland Boxing Arena could not hold the thousands who went to see her. During the engagement, a woman paralyzed from the waist down from childhood, was presented for faith healing.

Concerned because numerous, previous demonstrations had been before much smaller assemblages, McPherson feared she would be run out of town if this healing did not manifest. Author Daniel Mark Epstein, in his book, Sister Aimee , describes her state of mind and what happened next. Believing in the reality of the living Christ, filled with sincere passion beyond love for humanity, McPherson prayed, and laid hands on her.

Before 30, people—and captured for all time by photography—the woman got up out of her wheelchair and walked. The large gathering responded with thunderous applause. According to news reporters and other witnesses, among the numerous healings that occurred, a goiter shrank, crutches were abandoned, and an abscessed arm was returned to normal. Thousands of people wanted her help, more than she could handle and her stay was extended. As with many of her other meetings, McPherson labored and prayed feverishly for hours over the infirm, often without food or stopping for a break.

At the day's end, she would eventually be taken away by her staff, dehydrated and unsteady with fatigue; her distinct, booming voice reduced to a whisper. Years later, Epstein interviewed Rolf McPherson, his mother's appointed successor who spoke of the period: "more patients were open to the possibilities of faith healing.

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He speculated that healings occurred because they had more faith in God and less in science, and he could not "imagine this sort of thing happening again. Six percent indicated they were immediately and completely healed while 85 percent indicated they were partially healed and continued to improve ever since.

Fewer than half of 1 percent did not feel they were at least spiritually uplifted and had their faith strengthened. In , McPherson returned for a second tour in the Great Revival of Denver [30] and asked about people who have claimed healings from the previous visit. Seventeen people, some well known members of the community, testified, giving credence to McPherson's claim "healing still occurred among modern Christians".

Actor Anthony Quinn , who for a time played in the church's band and was an apprentice preacher, in this partial quote, recalls a service:.

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I sat in the orchestra pit of the huge auditorium at the Angelus Temple. Every seat was filled, with the crowd spilling into the aisles.

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Many were on crutches or in wheelchairs. Suddenly a figure with bright red hair and a flowing white gown walked out to the center of the stage. In a soft voice, almost a whisper, she said, "Brothers and sisters, is there anyone here who wants to be cured tonight? Long lines formed to reach her. She stood center stage and greeted each one. One man said, "I can't see out of one eye. To a woman dragging herself across the stage on crutches she said, "Throw away that crutch! I frequently sat in silence, not quite ready to open up to a room full of people.

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So when the 6 week group was over, I decided to begin traditional therapy. Over the course of my work in therapy I was able to begin processing my grief. However, my physical symptoms continued. This was very humbling and eye opening for me as a therapist because I had complete faith in the therapeutic process. But I could tell that something was missing. That missing piece ended up being my yoga mat. I know… It may seem like a strange thing for a therapist to say, but hear me out.

Being able to talk through my pain and grief was part of my journey. But yoga brought me back into my body. I knew that traditional therapy and yoga both contained important elements of my healing journey. Over time, I became quite convinced that both healing modalities would be greatly enhanced if they could be combined.

This eventually led me to become a registered yoga instructor so that I could learn more about the healing potential of that practice and begin to merge it with what I already knew about the therapeutic process of therapy. I am certain that traditional therapy is sometimes enough! However, I am so honored and humbled to have the flexibility at Perspectives to work with students in the yoga room , and work with clients in my office, and sometimes to even bring the best of both worlds together for those who are open to the journey.

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Perspectives Therapy Services is a multi-site mental and relationship health practice with clinic locations in Brighton, Lansing, Highland and Fenton, Michigan. Our clinical teams include experienced, compassionate and creative therapists with backgrounds in psychology, marriage and family therapy, professional counseling, and social work. Additionally, we offer psychiatric care in the form of evaluations and medication management. Our practice prides itself on providing extraordinary care. We offer a customized matching process to prospective clients whereby an intake specialist carefully assesses which of our providers would be the very best fit for the incoming client.

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