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BENABEN, Michel - Dictionnaire Francais ~ Espagnol

No matter how much right we or you are, everybody is free to live according to what God had said, and what is dangerous is: we are trying to find our rights on the wrong side of what should not be our right or life. We were sent to the earth to subdue and lead it, but why does our father intend us having a lot of things that are not giving the result. If you are comfortable by doing what you want and without submitting yourself to what heavenly laws stipulate, then you should ask yourself this question: why are people or my surrounding not liking what I am and what I do?

And your surrounding would also ask the same question why we are not comfortable with what such or such does? Finally, I had explained this in length, but what I would like to say is, we all had missed and sinned to our God and our Lord had sent us to earth to first suffer and be misled before his anger was reduced and he was going to support us again and tell us and show us how to do what we are supposed to do according to the way he intended us to it. Sexually for example, we did not know how to behave sexually because we had jumped the gun before our God tells and shows us, and that why there sexual imperfections, inappropriate sexuality and so on.

Now I do strongly believe, we are going to join our father and do what he intended us to do by making a man with a different sex gender and a lady with different sex gender. We are about to reproduce and fill up the earth accordingly. And all other things done wrongly are going to vanished and that by the mean of advanced technology and medical. And that is how our Lord is going to heal and support us by giving us the wisdom and intelligence to organize and control the world ethically, lawfully and logically.

Anyway, because the homosexuality is illegal and not natural and also it is the main issue of this writing, we or I am going to prove it not only by what we are, but also by our environment and this is a message I am giving by the help and support of our Lord who gives me the permission and energy to write about it. NOTE: When you see things like stairs and a girl going downstairs or upstairs, what do you see? Or when you see camera angles and special effects on television one on the left and another on the right and bottom right and bottom left or on all four corners, what do you see?

Or when you see a lady scrolling with a scrolling mouse, what do you see? Or when you see a lady with a adhesive tape or is taping something with it, what do you see? Or an ambulance with a siren on, light on, honking horn or mute or in high speed with light on and the operator on the radio or phone, what do you see? Or when you see fire engine with a siren on, light on, honking horn or mute or in high speed with light on and the operator on the radio or phone, what do you see?

Or when you someone carpeting the floor with a vacuum, what do you see? Or when you hear a girl walking and the heels makes noise or whistling, what do you see? It also means to care very well for the lady or love her more and more! Or when someone petting an animal and they barking or digging a hole inside house or while walking with, or when a dressed dog runs cirlcling a herd of beefs or jumping from one horse to the other or when a horse is trotting in harmony and scratching their shoe or chest with head, or a monkey jumping the trees with their babies on the chest, or when wounded animals are treated by men or being installed chips inside or in ear and then released, or when being feed by human in and after a male is taking care of strange female animals after observing them, What do you see?

Moreover, it is about how a male is trained to sleep with many female and by trying to identdy them by their names and caracters! Or when someone is holding or looking through binoculars and zooming or putting them into a bag, what do you see? Meaning, people have to take care of each other and those who have to carry the others to cross the water ponds and mud in the dark!

Believe it or not, there are so many things on our environment that can be proven in many ways. And because we are going to prove how it is bad and illegal, anything of the same nature or kind, should not be in pairs, and what I would like to say is that at no case will we accept two same things or pair to be attached together and as soon as we have two same digits or letters together, it is naturally and it automatically moves to the next digit or letter either ascending and descending, or from left to right or vice versa for example: AA, BB, CC, KK, 11, 22, 33, 44, but if we can cancel it by inserting or sliding something different, digit or letter, it will totally give us a acceptable set and that can be proven as I said.

Now we had finished taking them individually, let move to next step where we are going to combine them either in double, triple, quadruple and so on. If you take 1 1 because we can't have one pair of same digit, we automatically move to the next level, which gives us 2, and if you take 2 2, it gives us 4, or if you put any other digit in the middle to cancel the pair, we can have for example: 3 3, and from there you can go as far as you can or would like.

If we take 4 4, will give us 5 and so on, or we can take 5 5 , which gives us 6, or 6 6, gives us 7, or if we take 7 7, it gives us 8, or if we combine 9 9, it becomes 10, and 0 0 which give us 1 and the processes can continue this way and the more you combine, the more interesting it get and I don't have that power to and space to do it here, I just wanted to give an example. Go ahead and program your computer and you will see the result. And by doing the combinations, the digits will start giving word that when translated and put together in seven languages, the process can continue and by keeping in the mind the rules of not putting a pair of two things or digits or letters together, you can see how it can be proven.

So if still you can't be convinced, I would like also to prove it by my signature called international's signature or anti anal.

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And it is like sperms, when they go to meet the ovule, they go backward and once the baby is fomed, they come forward for birth. You will also notice that there are accents, there are accents, because, as we said from before, the signature can be translated into many languages, but mainly if we take it in French, Russian and English, and that is the reason why you see the accents.

Chers amis et camarades

It is like standing waves, if we put it into the electronics and electricity contexts, when we switch the plug, it goes from left to the right, that means that we are considering it in French, then we read by taking into account the accents, but if we switch the plug again and moving from right to the left, that means we are considering it in English, Russian and in that case, the accents are suppressed, so if we count it in the rule of five, it will move from the centre to the right, then from the centre to the left, then from the centre to the top, then from the centre to the bottom, and so on and that will continue indefinitely and in the same context it will represent everything and all the letters of alphabet and it will develop into the infinite series.

And also, when reading it in French, as from the French grammar rules, when an S is put between two vowels, we should pronounce it as a Z, so when we read in French, the S that is between the two vowels with accents should be pronounced Z, and when we read in Russian, that is from the Centre to Left, Right, Down, Top, it can be read in both ways, But when reading in English, that moving from right to the left, It is as S, that is in: English and also there so many Cultures in the World, where some Read from Left to Right, Right to Left, Down and Up, Centre, Up, Down, Left and Right.

Sexually, let start from left to the right: 1 natation, wash, wipe, erection, suck seins, sex, enfant, cuddle, kiss. And also it has everything and everybody inside besides the first step, which is sexual. Remember: this is mostly taken in both French, Russian and English as well as in other languages I speak and I do strongly believe that this will take place in many other languages and would produce the same effects and results as in French, Russian and English. However, if you would like to go on the next step, it will give the names of all my girlfriends either the last, middle initial or the first name or just one letter and still moving from left to the right, and from the right to the left and by using the blocking or jumping techniques.

By that I mean if we arrive to form on word or name, it will either lead us to the next one, or stop just at the one we are and depending if the next set is positive or productive to us. It also have all my information on it, like my birth date, the day, year and all my genealogical tree of my family from both sides, and if I am not mistaken, it could include everyone's generations in the universe and depending on what language and context you would like to translate it.

That why I said earlier that, it is like endless story, where it neither terminates nor repeats. If you take on the planetarium meaning or level, you will see how it is giving us the information on how to change the earth and to sketch all countries on our planet, it will give things like stars, squares, on each area and you can see how it start getting interesting for example take a star and fit it on each areas: North, Centre and South and see which countries that are being selected to be represented.

I am so sorry, it is very complicated to me to translate and interpret completely. And in summary, God had created us with the universe, so that we can subdue and use everything on it for our good. He also said that we are going to live eternally and fill up the world by having normal sexual relations between a man and a lady.

From that, he meant us to be happy by using everything in the world, by smoking, drinking, dancing and playing all before having sex, while both man and lady have erection and orgasm at the same time, so that they can both enjoy sex and making the lady pregnant by the mean of male and female sperms being put together. Because we had missed what our Lord wanted of us by sinning, he told us that man, you have to gain your bread from your sweat to support the woman who is going to suffer while and when giving birth and from there, we are subject to suffering, sweating, deaf and many more things we don't want in our world.

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Things like internet are good for our society only if it is used in such a way that we can take advantage. But when it is being used in a wrong way, it becomes against our God's wish. There are also things like war of any kinds and there people and countries that had and continue to play a very big roles so that we can one day find that peace and happiness our Lord predicted by creating us with all that is around us. UNO countries in general play a very big role for peace on earth and for our good. I am just mentioning it to show how the world must and is going to change.

BENABEN, Michel - Dictionnaire Francais ~ Espagnol

And because we are talking about peace in the world, everything that is troubling and destroying our identity in the world should from now year disappear, mostly, mostly homosexuality, year , because we are going to start from the Genesis and that can be proven by natural mathematical law and the numerology. However, from now on, everybody will be allowed to love freely one another and make love without constraints, because there is going to be only one religion to worship only one almighty God.

Even if it is not eradicated totally, we should start by doing little things like televised debates to aware all teenagers in particular and everybody in general. And to finish, I would like to ask everybody not to be offended or take this on the wrong side or by judging me. I am only delivering the message by following the order I am given and because I had and been paying for most of this things in this book.

Once again, forgive me, please!!!!!! I am an innocent. And I said I would do, say and be it for my families, kids and peoples so that we can maybe one day be happy and live in peace. Conversely, I want to be the world leader or president with an international passport and be able to travel all over the world with my wives to sign agreements and treaties with all nations to end social, moral, ethnical, economical, linguistical as well as border conflicts.

I just had forwarded a messenger letter to know how he is doing.

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Therefore, thank you for your kindness and diplomatic manners. However, all international students that arrive don't know how to cope properly or to get integrated because first, they have more problems with languages, making friends and finding even jobs while they are on vacation or break and they also face the minority situation. When I say they have many problems than other because they don't know how to find girl friends: especially in things like engagement procedures, rules in common law or other things they need to understand and take responsibility on how to keep relationship.

In conclusion, all international students including myself have a lot of difficulties when they might sometimes be spending time alone, no phone calls, nobody around and so on. And due to that, government should or shall establish some kinds of organization to support them: financially, socially, morally, and educationally and initiate all of them to their new life in their new country.

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  • But when we tell lie, we don't know sometimes what it is about, like a saying: all truths are not good to tell. However, there are some lies we are not sure of we are and what we do.

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    Like some guys tell lies to some girls without knowing that they are doing it for some reasons. It was spread on the dead body by entering from Newfound Land and descending by Canada and through America.