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Emma, the star of Captial W's RED FLAGS, is part of the Hollywood Fringe Festival's line up this year, but I was lucky enough to catch a preview.

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But the most heralded confrontations took place on the baseball diamond when black teams played white major league all-star aggregations. The black squads won almost 75 percent of the time.

The same for basketball. In the late 's and 's the original Celtics refused to join the whites-only professional leagues so they could continue to play against two black teams: the New York Rens and the Harlem Globetrotters. Between and , the athletic establishment was upended when all the major sports were integrated, in some places.

What the black athlete did in the next 38 years is nothing less than stupendous. In particular, he and she brought speed to every activity.

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With fewer and fewer exceptions, whites were not to be seen in the sprints on the track or in the backfield on the gridiron. Which brings us to the primary unanswered question of the project. Do black Americans have some genetic edge in physical activities involving running and jumping? My reply is that nature, our unique history in America, and our exclusion from other occupations have produced the psychic addiction to success in sports and entertainment.

Once the momentum was established, continuing success became a matter of cultural pride.

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And yes, we do feel certain positions in sports belong to us. Quick, name a white halfback in the National Football League? Who was the last white sprinter to run meters under 10 seconds? Records aside, black athletes have had a major impact on black American history. In the early 's, for example, the black labor leader A. Phillip Randolph made the integration of major league baseball a test of the nation's intentions regarding discrimination in employment. The phrase ''If he's [ a black man ] good enough for the Navy, he's good enough for the majors'' became an oft-heard slogan for many.

Proportionately, the black athlete has been more successful than any other group in any other endeavor in American life. And he and she did it despite legal and social discrimination that would have dampened the ardor of most participants.

The relative domination of blacks in American sports will continue into the foreseeable future. Enough momentum has been attained to insure maximum sacrifice for athletic glory. Now is the time for our esteemed sports historians to take another hard look at our early athletic life, and revise what is at present an incomplete version of what really took place.

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A Black Mother Dying. A Black Mother Dying is a short masterpiece that gives you a glance into the A Black Mother Dying is a short masterpiece that gives you a glance into the author's struggle with her fourth pregnancy. Not initially understanding the poor maternal outcomes that currently exist in the United States, the author tells her story View Product. African-American Athletes in Arkansas is an inspirational collection of stories about amazing Arkansans who helped African-American Athletes in Arkansas is an inspirational collection of stories about amazing Arkansans who helped change the nation.

Much of the information comes from firsthand interviews. The narrative non-fiction features include:1 The inspiring story behind a "Jackie Robinson of the Better than the Best: Black Athletes Speak, In These Engaging and Forthright Interviews, thirteen African American athletes talk about how they endured through pain, loneliness, and rejection to become champions.

In sports as diverse as football and fencing, wrestling and track and field, these men and women Black Ice. In Lorene Cary, a bright, ambitious black teenager from Philadelphia, was transplanted into the In Lorene Cary, a bright, ambitious black teenager from Philadelphia, was transplanted into the formerly all-white, all-male environs of the elite St.

Paul's School in New Hampshire, where she became a scholarship student in a "boot camp" for future Black Prince. Cliff Hardy is called to investigate the death of a prominent athlete's girlfriend, in his One of them is a former U. One of the lawyers. Most of it has been corroborated and confirmed at this point.

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In The Franklin Scandal, there were two primary pimps. But like I said earlier, the Epstein scandal will also go all the way up to Mount Olympus. Kennedy Jr. Looking for more?

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What did your early reporting consist of? When was that? It was around I believe it might have been used as discovery in one of the civil lawsuits. What was your first impression when you read through it and saw all the names? What stood out to you the most? Did you just start calling everyone? I started calling victims.

And they were very, very hard to talk to at that point.

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How many did you call? But no victims on the record. No, but I certainly could have had victims on the record.