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The fertile soil of the Queendom will birth their clear guidance. Re-establishing presence in breath is an immediate process of re-birthing anew at any given moment. Attunement in breath allows the body-temple to relax and clear the mind; letting the Self flow in the stream of the light of breath — that caters us to living in de-Light and shining through!

Breath of Love

Indeed, the key to living Life — and in every genuine threads of spirituality — is breath. I wonder what if there is no gap in between in-breath and out-breath? And I did try the opposite with the same result — I allow mySelf to surrender in that nano-second of stillness in between breaths. Just take a moment and become aware of that gap — the mystery highway where Spirit and Being connects.

The consciousness of breathing is never the same as I rest and attune mySelf in the gap that mystifies my brain-mind and tickles my Heart in delight.

Love Breath Meditation

For an hour on Thursday afternoons, we gather as a group mostly residents of the ashram and at times with outside participants at the temple space to immerse in the practice of LovesBreath — a fundamental element of The Pathway as introduced by Jayem. As the session goes along, Elle plays a selection of music from Graceful Passages — the music and words evoke such frequency of Truth and Compassion.

It reflects my own experience and helps me become aware of subtle energetic interactions that the body-mind inter-relates with the essence of the musical piece — emotions get triggered while the breath guides the flow of the conscious stream of awareness that envelops the whole Beingness — through the feeling-state of the heart and the body-matter. Once the release, what follows is a great expansion — great, great, great expansion to infinity, indeed. I remember as a toddler, we were taught about the parts of the body. We breathe through our nose, yes. Alina books view quotes.

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