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In a world where magic is revered and highly sought after, he is a blank , or someone who is not affected by magic. Rumors that blanks are the scum of the earth, that they "eventually become I won an ARC of Drift and Dagger in a giveaway on Goodreads. Rumors that blanks are the scum of the earth, that they "eventually become the monsters they are" and steal magic from those who are blessed to have Talents, have taught everyone to fear and avoid blanks. Mal's only friend is the daughter of the Roe witch - that is, until she betrays him and exposes him to Prince Island for what he truly is.

Afraid of the islanders and what they might do to him now that his secret is out, he is forced to leave the only friend he's ever had and the only place he's ever called home. This is Mal's story. One of countless adventures and near death experiences with his thieving mentor Boone who is the closest thing he's ever had to family, and for some reason, regardless of his many major flaws, someone I have a soft spot in my heart for , of his quest for revenge, and of his longing for a family and a place to belong.

This story really struck a cord with me. It reminded me that people magical or not! Those we love most will still betray us, lie to us, and expose us, because they're still human. But these hurtful actions of others do not define us. What someone thinks about us or says about us does not define us. What defines us are our reactions to these actions of others. If we harbor over a wrong someone has done to us, we become bitter, angry, resentful, vengeful people. But with forgiveness and kindness comes freedom and peace of mind. Well done, Kulper. Loved this book, and I am really hoping there is more to come from this beautifully broken magical world you've shared!

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That being said, The Magic Thief is on a whole other level. Although it is centred and tied to Prince Island, we get to explore with Mal outside of the island and see the effect magic has and the way it's used in other parts of the world. We also get sneaky fun with Boone More 4. We also get sneaky fun with Boone and Mal as hunters, their and almost every other hunter out there next job trying to find the Tsar and by doing so, establishing themselves and start a confederation, but to Mal, there's only one thing in sight: revenge.

I went from serious highs and lows during reading The Magic Thief, and by that I mean, I really connected to Mal, he had a lot of highs and lows himself, mostly lows. Being a blank, Mal's immune to magic, but by being a blank means a monster, living on Prince Island surrounded by magic and charms, Mal had never felt more at home with Essie Roe at his side, but having to leave Prince Island with hate in his heart for everything Roe, it brings out his darker side. Working witch Boone gave him something back.

When you rely on somebody as your home, it can be taken away, and when you rely on people as your home, you only see what they want you to see.

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Once again, The Magic Thief is complicated and although not as twisty as its predecessor, it's not predictable and it has its own twists that play into The Witch of Salt and Storm. The Magic Thief is darker than The Witch of Salt and Storm, broadens the world building and shows you a different side of it with a complicated character that you can't help but like, even when he's hard to like, and it tells the story of Essie and Mal, and both books tie into one another perfectly.

Feb 23, Stephanie rated it really liked it Shelves: owned-books , It was a little quiet in moments, and not as much action as I was expecting, but it all worked in the end. I read this book expecting it to be a stereotypical fantasy book however this book opens up so many doors of imagination and really did hook me into the plot, if you have a lot of spare, pick this up I highly recommend it!

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View 1 comment. Kulper uses this novel to explore the negative emotions humans feel each day, among which are fear, doubt, anger and betrayal. By presenting the novel's world to her readers through Mal's point of view, we are able to see his doubts, his emotions, and his life. We are shown by Kulper a sense of anger and fear through strategically placed flashbacks to portray just how cruelly Mal has been treated. Kulper shows us the choices Mal has been forced to make, the path he has been forced to go down, and how, even when he has a friend, he still feels like a monster.

Mal is one of these 'Blanks'. They are feared and hated by society, who are prejudiced against them. The lies people are told about the 'Blanks' are almost like propaganda in the way they build on the fear. That was what you called a person immune to magic, except they weren't really people at all - they were monsters, inhuman devils who terrorised good, innocent folk and ate babies and destroyed families and spread their affliction like a disease, like all they wanted was to turn the entire world as dead and empty and lifeless as they were.

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Even Mal himself believes just how evil being 'Blank' is because of what he has been taught. I'm a wolf pup because I'm quiet, because I can run fast, because I don't scare easily, and because someday I'll grow up and turn into a monster, get claws and teeth and go wild and unpredictable and maybe rip out someone's throat.

That's what it means to be a blank, and Boone knows it.

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He is a morally ambiguous protagonist and we see his fears, doubts, and the anger he feels for Essie because of what she did. Jun 07, Chris rated it really liked it Shelves: historical , fantasy , not-graphic , adventure , ya. Mal keeps that a secret, though. More openly, he's something of a cross between a pirate, thief, smuggler, archeologist, and bounty hunter.

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He is a world-traveling adventurer who specializes in acquiring and selling magical artifacts, often through underhanded means. He frequents ports and bazaars, black markets and bars, dense slums and dense jungles and everything in between. He's lived his teen years in underworlds across the world learning how to survive, and lives only for the present.

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It's the middle of the nineteenth century. Whalers rule the seas and commerce travels by ship. Mal is from Prince Island, the whaling capital of the world, off the coast of Massachusetts. He keeps that a secret, though, because it might lead to questions that might expose his hidden monster: in a world of magic, Mal is not magical. Some few lucky people have inherent magical talents. Everyone else trades in the goods they enchant, potions and charms and items of power to help them in their endeavors.

Mal, though, he is one of those rare abominations unaffected by magic, a blank.

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He doesn't see the illusions that fool others, isn't made sick or sleepy, isn't stopped by repelling charms or security curses, even cancels the magic of others. Blanks are unnatural, cursed to eventually go mad and destroy everyone around them. Essie, his childhood best friend, his fellow social outcast growing up on Prince Island, the next Roe Witch whose magic will assure the ongoing success of the whaling industry, was the one who discovered his secret.

She's the one who shared his secret, betraying his friendship and driving Mal from the only home he ever knew. Sending him fleeing abroad with nothing and no one to make his way in the world. To live in shadows, hoping to never be found out again. Now Mal works with Boone, a Silvertongue--someone whose magic is the ability to force others to do as he says. Boone took Mal in when he was lost and alone, taught him the ways of the world, recognized Mal's blankness would be a benefit in his line of work as a magic Hunter.

They are partners and scoundrels. It's an arrangement that works well for Mal, allowing him to keep his secret, live in the moment, and dream of perhaps someday finding a way to take vengeance on Essie. Mal's story takes place in a deeply imagined world and is told with sharp dialogue and rich, evocative language that never impedes its adventurous pace. The intrigue is personal and based in Mal's quest for identity. It makes for a strong and enjoyable package that should appeal widely. May 16, Benjamin rated it really liked it. Beginning during Mals childhood the book tells about his best friend Essie Roe who is a witch and the only one that knows his secret. Years go by and everything is perfect till Essie tells everyone on their island home what Mal is. People began to panic because blanks are rumored to be monsters. So Mal is forced off the island where he meets a thief named Boone and together they steal illegal and rare magical artifacts. Mal hellbent on revenge hears about a dagger that takes away magic.

Mal and Boone then go searching for the dagger going from Boston to Paris to Constantinople.