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This was stationary. It was between about 1, and 2, feet high.


The thing was…at least a city block…in diameter. Barker says it was shaped like a giant basketball, with portholes around the center, from which lights were emanating outward. Halt led a patrol that night to investigate strange colorful lights seen descending into nearby Rendlesham Forest. Halt described to Elizondo what he saw from inside the forest: a red light moving horizontally though the trees, "obviously under some kind of intelligent control.

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I was literally in shock. Later, his commander played the audio for a general, who dismissed the need for further investigation. They were loath to get involved, says Halt. F fighter pilots from the nuclear-powered USS Theodore Roosevelt carrier strike group saw UAPs almost daily for several months between the summer of and the spring of while executing training maneuvers along the Eastern seaboard between Virginia and Florida, witnesses told Elizondo. The objects appeared in three shapes, Graves says—some were discs, others looked like a cube inside a sphere, while smaller round objects flew together in formation.

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All lacked visible engines or exhaust systems. Some tilted, mid-flight, like spinning tops, as seen on an infrared video released by the U. Department of Defense in Graves and another F pilot, Danny Accoin, confirm that video, along with one other released by the government, had been shot by their fellow Roosevelt pilots while in the air. Fighter Pilots. One UAP, Grave says, almost caused a terrifying collision by zipping dangerously between two planes.

An aviation flight-safety report was filed, he says, but never investigated. Graves says the unidentified objects reappeared once the Roosevelt had deployed to its mission in the Persian Gulf.

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Bush administrations, who now serves as an integral part of the To The Stars team. Still, the Roosevelt reports echo those made by Navy pilots undergoing training exercises on the other side of the country. In November pilots and radar operators from the USS Nimitz carrier fleet saw a foot long tic-tac shaped object flying just above the ocean while flying miles off the coast of California near San Diego.

When F fighter jets were scrambled to approach the object, it accelerated, easily outrunning the supersonic Navy craft. Whereas earlier reports were career-killers for military personnel, there is an increasing openness in the Pentagon and on Capitol Hill to taking these sightings seriously as potential threats. In April , the U.

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