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Emma, the star of Captial W's RED FLAGS, is part of the Hollywood Fringe Festival's line up this year, but I was lucky enough to catch a preview.

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No Limits (Star Trek: New Frontier, #) by Peter David

Description Details Customer Reviews For readers new to the New Frontier series and for fans of Peter David's original creation, the charismatic, complex and volatile Captain Mackenzie Calhoun, the first eight books in the New Frontier series are here collected into one magnificent omnibus volume. From rescuing refugees from the Thallonian Empire to battling the unstoppable Black Mass, the adventures of Captain Calhoun and his crew will have both collectors and first-time fans on the edge of their seats.

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Subscribe to our newsletter Some error text Name. By the time New Frontier was published, Deep Space Nine was owning ongoing serious drama in Trek while Voyager was managing to find whole new ways to hit the reset button. In the books, New Frontier was being weird and funny while also having a strong continuity and consistent character growth.

No Limits - Star Trek New Frontier (Electronic book text)

An anvil even falls on his head. B Everything that has to do with Soleta and her half-Vulcan, half-Romulan background. As the series went on, the lack of constraints led to increasingly baroque plots, and the captain is so perfect he feels like a stealth parody of a Mary Sue—he even has purple eyes and semi-psychic abilities. And yet none of the tropes David uses are fatal to the series.

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New Frontier is chock full of the stereotypical things Star Trek is famous for. You want crashing and exploding shuttles?

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Aliens who act as gods? You got it.

Star Trek: New Frontier: No Limits Anthology

If anything, these are features , not bugs. And it did it all while being fun and smartly written. The A. Katharine Trendacosta.


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