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I'm looking into creating a few templates as well. My pleasure!

Its fun adding types! Allows for some good VS Code Intellisense and I think it improves dev experience without adding to the overall package size! Ya, same here. TypeScript front-end, but just can't convert yet to writing our node backend on it. Alex Parish.

“Goober Peas”: The Southern Delicacy of Boiled Peanuts

Alex, didn't get a chance to figure it out :. I set it up as a sub-package in the goober folder, what do you think? Separate npm install but same git repo. The title for the show - Aggregate - refers to the different materials that form the mix of concrete, that give it structural strength.

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To make sure the aggregates are spread evenly in the mix, concrete needs to be in constant motion until it is poured into a form, compacted, allowed to rest and harden. Naturbetong requires a slightly different method: formwork is filled with the different types of aggregate, then cement mortar is pressed into it until all cavities are filled.

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  • After hardening, the surface of the concrete is sandblasted to expose the aggregate. The essence of Naturbetong could be read as a message: big buildings are made of small stones. But too much of a focus on the inner workings of the material neglects the concept of the overall form. Today it is hard to find a similarly positivist outlook. But is there an alternative? Are artist or architects today merely administrators of market forces?