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Lavoe was the voice. And Blades was the socially conscious poet, whose lyrics and adventurous cosmovision would inspire generations of Latino music lovers. I think that's why songs like 'Pablo Pueblo' and 'Pedro Navaja' enjoyed such a wide acceptance. And that he became a truly global musician throughout the '90s and the new millennium, when he created a new, eclectic hybrid of pan-Latino popular music on gorgeous records such as 's Amor y Control and 's Mundo.

Even though he has kept busy working in politics and as a Hollywood actor, Blades is still recording new music - his future albums will undoubtedly continue to surprise, challenge and delight his listeners. This compilation focuses on the dizzying years following the New York salsa explosion of the '70s when Blades became one of the genre's most charismatic stars.

To this day, the albums that Blades recorded for Fania stand as some of the most unique, addictive and treasured jewels in the label's illustrious history. Descarga Caliente Born in , Blades traveled to New York in , where he recorded his debut album with the help of producer Pancho Cristal. The album was not a hit, but a young Blades got to listen to himself on the airwaves for the first time when the single "Descarga Caliente" was played on Colombian radio.

He quickly positioned himself as a name to watch, giving his excellent compositions to many of the label's big artists, and performing vocals with Ray Barretto's orchestra. This epic song is culled from the seminal Barretto! Pablo Pueblo In just a couple of years, Blades blossomed as a composer and performer. The duo's first album, Metiendo Mano, opens with the singer's first serious attempt at delivering a strong social message.

The lyrics, about the life of a working class family man who falls victim to the corruption and institutional indifference of your average Latin American country, are heartbreaking. The sophisticated musical accompaniment brims with texture and majestic shades. Juan Pachanga The late '70s was a time of feverish activity for Blades. Although Fania executives were initially reluctant to release his songs, stating that "no one likes to hear depressing lyrics," they quickly realized that Blades' own brand of salsa had tremendous sales potential.

The singer became one of the label's biggest names, and he was dutifully invited to participate in the studio recordings of the famed Fania All Stars. Paula C A lush, autobiographical tour de force focusing on Blades' first serious romantic relationship. One of the singer's most melodramatic productions, and a concert favorite to this day.

And who can forget the grand finale, when he makes a call for Latin American unity by shouting out the names of every single one of the continent's many nations? Made up of seven timeless tracks, Siembra also includes the hilarious solo de boca mouth solo of "Buscando Guayaba" because the guitarist just forgot to show up , as well as the hypnotic melody of "Dime.

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Together with Lavoe's "El Cantante" yet another Blades composition , "Pedro Navaja" is arguably the quintessential salsa anthem. I don't think they ever understood why it became so popular. The bittersweet story focused on a couple's lifelong love affair, and commented on the never ending carnival of Latin American reality. Still, Maestra Vida stands as one of the most unique projects in the Afro-Caribbean genre. Since its release, Blades has often spoken about recording the third and final installment of this sweeping Latin saga.

The duo would later collaborate on the soundtrack to the ill-fated movie The Last Fight, and reunite in for Tras La Tormenta - a so-called reunion album that found them recording their alleged duets in separate studios. Canciones would be their last masterpiece together. The song may be humorous, but it continues Blades' ongoing indictment of the racism and social prejudice than run rampant in Latin American society.

Decades after its original release, "Ligia Elena" still rings true. He still owed the Fania label some music, though, which was eventually released without the singer's supervision. The album Doble Filo, from which the last three cuts on this compilation are culled, was one such release. They changed the sequence of the songs and omitted the musicians' credits. Part of the wave of salsa songs that presented a romanticized - and utterly unrealistic - vision of life in the Latin American countryside, "Mi Jibarita" tells the story of the man who has left the stress of the big city behind, retreating to the country with a curvaceous beauty.

Notice how most of the narrative is introduced by the background vocalists. When Blades' voice finally comes in, it soars. El Cantante During the Fania years, Blades made a conscious attempt to distance himself from those fellow label mates who were heavily into drugs.

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He will always be remembered as the ultimate salsa songwriter - the Panamanian salsero who had a lot to say. Lavoe era la voz. Blades, el poeta de conciencia social, creador de letras que inspiraron a generaciones de latinos. El disco no fue exitoso, pero el joven Blades pudo escucharse en la radio por primera vez cuando "Descarga Caliente" fue transmitida por la radio colombiana. Write a Review. Related Searches. Airman's Odyssey. Three classic adventure stories, reminders of both the romance and the reality of the pioneer Three classic adventure stories, reminders of both the romance and the reality of the pioneer era of aviation: Night Flight; Wind, Sand and Stars; and Flight to Arras.

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Cosechando esperanza: La historia de Cesar Chavez. When Cesar Chavez led a mile peaceful protest march through California, he ignited a cause When Cesar Chavez led a mile peaceful protest march through California, he ignited a cause and improved the lives of thousands of migrant farmworkers. But he wasn't always a leader. As a boy he was shy, soft-spoken, and teased at Cuckoo is beautiful.

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Trouble is, she's lazy. She never does her share of work—that is, She never does her share of work—that is, until a field fire threatens the season's seed crop and Cuckoo is the only one who can save it. But will she risk harming her Der Kleine Prinz. But with a line around the block and Will their homemade beehive save the La casa adormecida. The Spanish-language edition of The Napping House.

Daniel Sierra era todo lo que pude desear. Descarado, divertido, atractivo y un animal en la cama. Tiene buenas fans. Pero un amor tan fuerte estaba destinado a fracasar. Lo que "Miss Roca" no esperaba era que semejante cretino pudiese volver a enamorarla.

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Hacer que le desease hasta perder el sentido. Yo lo fui todo para ella. Su primer beso. Su primer polvo. Su primer amor. Su prometida. Pero no se acuerda. Sus labios de fresa. Su virginidad en la ducha. Todo era perfecto.

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Sexo salvaje. Amor verdadero. Nunca he estado con otra mujer.

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  7. Ahora soy rico, y ella acaba de despertar. Curvas de diablesa. Voz inocente, labios culpables. Pero ella no se acuerda de nada. Como la primera vez. En la ducha. Como si fuese virgen, otra vez. Su comportamiento de cretino y su ego redomado no ayudaban en absoluto. Lo odiaba, y a la vez, lo deseaba. Por el otro lado. Nunca tuve que invitarle a que nadase conmigo.