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When one looks at modern society — with big cities, trains, and technology — it appears we have detached from our nature. Here is a great insight from Evola on how an enlightened man might approach the concept of death and how it relates to his life and being as a whole:.

I really like this example of kamikaze pilots from an existential perspective. A trained kamikaze pilot is prepared to face death at any moment, whenever the order arrives from higher up. None of us really know when we will die, but we do know that eventually the time will come. In this way, we are no different from the kamikaze pilot, despite the kamikaze pilot having a more accepting approach of their inevitable departure from life.

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The 4 Fundamental Pillars of Emotional Intelligence. Also Read Bangladesh goes to polls on December The harsh measures taken by the Hasina regime against journalists reflect the political whip being applied across the societal spectrum.

Media houses submit meekly to self-censorship in the face of vengeful reaction even to timid criticism, and Parliament just passed a restrictive Digital Security Act in September despite well-articulated concerns about free expression. In order to crush civil society, Ms. Hasina set out to make examples of well-known media personalities.

Ride the Tiger

Mahfuz Anam, editor of The Daily Star newspaper, was slapped with dozens of spurious charges of sedition and defamation. The international outcry on Mr. Terrified of her wrath, consecutive court benches shamefully refuse to consider his bail petition. Observers in Dhaka say Ms. Her intense survival instinct can be traced back to the assassination of her father in , together with her mother, brothers and other family members.

Hasina for its own ends — the closure of Northeast militant camps, entry into the sizeable Bangladesh market, and access to the Northeast through Bangladesh even as India surrounds Bangladesh with a barbed wire fence. For two decades, Bangladesh politics was marked by the relentless feuding of Ms. But Ms. Zia has been outwitted by the sure-footed Ms. Hasina, especially after the BNP decided to boycott the general elections of Today, Bangladesh is essentially a one-party polity under the Awami League.

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Zia, a two-time Prime Minister, is in prison, with her jail term for graft having just been increased to 10 years. She is in failing health, the lone inmate at the old Dhaka Central Jail, the other prisoners having been moved to a new facility outside city limits.

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Book Details. Publication Date: July About the Authors. Ed Cohen.

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Priscilla Nelson. Rarely does a book come along that is as useful as Riding the Tiger. Ed and Priscilla have turned their turbulent experiences into a realistic how-to guide for the rest of us. They show how to move from crisis to credibility of leadership; from pain to passion for the brand; and from scandal to renewed success.

Ride the Tiger: Transcending the Unescapable And Following Your “Inner Law”

Using their practical experiences as a basis, they share action item lists, introduce a new vocabulary, suggest questions to ask, and present a plan to move boldly forward from chaos to confidence. This is not a book to be read, but one to put into action, especially when you are riding your own tiger. Be the first to comment. Sign In to Post a Comment.

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