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Different perspectives. This is a good option for anyone who wants to further their understanding of happiness and figure out how to find it in their own lives. This is another book that aims to lead people to happiness, but focuses on one path: giving. The authors believe based on happiness research that being a kind and giving person is an easy road to happiness and prosperity that anyone can follow. After convincing the reader of this, the authors offer up 10 different ways that the reader can start being a more giving person with the goal of having happiness come back around to them.

It should also be noted that donating money to charity is not one of the 10 methods discussed by the authors, so these teachings can be applied by readers with all levels of wealth. This book from Martin Seligman comes 10 years after his last book, and is an attempt by Seligman to further define well-being.

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Any book by Seligman is a must-read for anyone interested in positive psychology, and this is no exception. As positive psychology gains more widespread recognition, one of the most fertile grounds for its application is in the world of coaching and leadership. These are books which focus on positive leadership, that is, using psychological teachings to be a more effective leader and to get the most out of the people you are leading. Anyone who is a leader at work or in their community should find the following books helpful. The goal of this book is to teach you how to be the best leader you can be for yourself and for your employees.

The authors combine teachings from the Gallup Leadership Institute with teachings from real-world leaders such as Bill Gates to deliver an easy-to-digest handbook on how to become an effective business leader based on your existing strengths.

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This book is a good option for any leader who wants to improve their skills and their overall organizational health. From interviews with effective leaders to actionable steps the reader can take to improve their relationships with employees, this book has no shortage of useful ideas leaders can incorporate into their own management style.

This book is a great choice for any leader or manager who wants to do better, no matter how much they already know. The idea behind POS is simply to develop strategies which will lead to positive results for an organization and everyone in it.

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This book is a collection of essays which deal with POS, all from scholars who have seen the benefits of POS in action. Anyone looking to improve their organization in any way can learn from these essays, and the way they are broken up makes this a handy reference manual to reach for during any free periods or to digest all at once. Any business leader can find useful tips in this book, which presents four strategies for positive leadership as well as an assessment for the reader to gauge their own positive leadership skills.

This is another book focused on improving leadership skills, but under the framework of Appreciative Inquiry AI. Any leader looking to incorporate AI into their organization will find this short handbook to be an excellent starting point on the road to making themselves, their employees, and their customers happier and more satisfied.

This book is another contribution to flow from the man who popularized the concept, but with a focus on business and work. Intended for all people involved in business from entry-level employees to CEOs, Dr. Csikszentmihalyi aims to apply his teachings to the world of The author claims that work is one of the main pillars of daily life nowadays, so it is crucial that people use psychological concepts to make sure that it is fulfilling and brings you happiness.

As indicated by the title, this book focuses on the idea of using well-being as opposed to, say, economically-driven motivators to shape public policy. The authors first discuss the importance of being able to measure subjective well-being, and different ways this can be done. They then go on to explain different ways these measurements of subjective well-being can and should be incorporated into public policy for the betterment of society.

This book is more focused on society at large than organizations and their leaders, so it is better suited for anyone specifically involved with or interested in public policy. This public policy perspective also makes this book unique among the ones listed here.

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Like some of the others on this list, this book stresses the importance of positive work relationships. The author takes a unique approach, though, by specifically offering different ways that existing negative work relationships can be turned into positive work relationships. This book is especially well-suited for human resources leaders, and managers of all types as well as employees should find value in its pages.

Anyone who feels that negative work relationships dominate their organization should turn to this book first and foremost. This book on positive leadership is almost two books in one package. The first part is a discussion of positive psychology research involving positive leadership, while the second part focuses on a story that involves some of the principles gleaned from the research described in the first part. This dual approach to positive leadership makes for a unique book that will appeal to anyone who likes both academic discussions and narratives. Anyone who wants to learn about positive leadership and read about it in action should give this book a try.

This is a leadership book which is absolutely informed by positive psychology, as both authors studied under Martin Seligman himself. On top of that, the foreword is written by Tom Rath, who has written multiple books that will appear later on this list. This means the book is just as informed by business teaching as it is by positive psychology teachings. In it, the authors will teach you several actionable ways to start being a more effective leader, whether it is by retooling your hiring process or re-configuring how you think about employee performance.

This is a great option for any leader who wants proven ways to make their employees happier and more productive. This book is specifically informed by positive psychology teachings, which is not the case for all the books in this section. It is focused on the titular concept of psychological capital PsyCap — a measurement of psychological well-being in the workplace. The authors treat PsyCap like an academic concept, so they rigorously define it and any of the concepts that go along with it.

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PsyCap puts the most weight on confidence, hope, optimism, and resiliency, but also includes creativity, humor, and several other psychological traits. The idea behind this book is to help any organizational leaders measure PsyCap in their own group and then increase it as much as they can. This book, the updated version of the bestseller, teaches positive leadership by focusing on positive influence. The authors describe how we influence the people around us whether or not we know it, and shows how you can lead by example and turn yourself into a positive influence.

This book is an excellent resource for anyone who wants to become a more positive leader, regardless of how much they have read up on positive leadership, as it describes ways people can be negative influences without even knowing it or intending to. This section is similar to the above section dealing with positive leadership, but these books are specifically focused on the workplace. They are also not specifically geared towards leaders, so while a manager might find books from both sections to be helpful, an employee might prefer a book from this section.

Many of these books can also just as easily be applied to a school environment or any other group-based institution. This book aims to re-imagine commonly held notions about success, such as the idea that success leads to happiness. Inspired by positive psychology teachings, the author has put together seven different principles such as the idea of social investment that the reader can easily apply to their school or work life for increased productivity and success. This book is a good choice for teacher or students, bosses or employees, or just anyone who wants to use psychology teachings to find more success.

This book is mostly aimed at psychologists who want to incorporate positive psychology teachings into their own practice. The authors provide specific ideas, such as interventions , that professionals can easily work into their practice. It may also serve as a good way for psychologists from other disciplines to begin familiarizing themselves with positive psychology. This book from Beth Cabrera, a leader in positive psychology and well-being research, aims to teach women how to use positive psychology to balance work and life so they can have higher levels of well-being.

The author uses her experience with positive psychology as well as experience interviewing over a thousand working women to present a well-being guidebook for working women. From self-assessments to exercises women can start using in their daily lives, any working woman will find plenty of valuable information in this book, no matter how much they already know about positive psychology. This book is all about using the teachings of positive psychology for achievement and success. It is not necessarily written for a workplace setting, but it is so relevant to work and easily applicable to the workplace that we recommend it to anyone looking to use positive psychology in their work life.

The author interviews people in several high-stress situations, from spelling bee participants to soldiers training for the military to football coaches to CEOs, and identifies the common traits and mindsets that make them all successful. Anyone looking to find career success or any type of success, really with the teachings of positive psychology should find value in this book. The author of this book believes that he can help you find increased success in school, at work, or any other area of your life.

The author also believes that focusing on and retooling your mindset like this can help organizations along with individuals, making the intended audience of this book a wide range of people.

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This book is aimed at anyone who wants to improve their workplace, whether they are a manager or an employee. It is informed by a wide range of fields, from economics to psychology, and even sports. It is written in an entertaining style and uses both anecdotes and scientific evidence to back up its claims. This is a great option for anyone who wants to improve their workplace in any way and is not afraid of using teachings from a variety of sources to do so.

This book is a collaboration between a behavioral scientist and a leadership guru, so it is as informed by positive psychology teachings as it is by business experience. As the title indicates, it is meant to be a handbook for the purposes of helping working mothers find a balance between the two worlds they have to live in. This is, of course, the best choice for someone interested in positive psychology at work who also happens to be a mother. This is another book on work that is informed by positive psychology, but it is also informed by behavioral psychology and economics.