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Emma, the star of Captial W's RED FLAGS, is part of the Hollywood Fringe Festival's line up this year, but I was lucky enough to catch a preview.

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The Asian heavyweight's ornate urban low rise is spread across a prime patch of affluent Jumeirah. It's not the first luxury brand to stake claim here—the Four Seasons and Bulgari are nearby—but it's the newest, and, in Dubai , that matters. Neat rows of palms continue the eye-line beyond the glass rear wall to a beachfront terrace and pools. The architectural symmetry is signature Jeffrey A. Wilkes, the interior designer who owns the landmark hotel game—his other projects include The Mandarin Oriental in Bangkok and the Taj Mahal Palace in Mumbai.

The friendly door staff are dashing in their bright blue frock coats and fedoras, ushering guests towards highlights including the Mediterranean-inspired Tasca restaurant. Every time a hotel gets added to Dubai, the glitz goes up a notch. Mandarin Oriental manages to add the right amount of dazzle without going too far over the top. There is remote, and then there is the Skeleton Coast, a desolate sweep of coastline along the Atlantic that feels utterly isolated. The 10 wooden cabins set against a flaxen sand dune were designed by Namibian bio-architect Nina Maritz to look much like the many ships that have run aground here over the centuries.

Through porthole windows, guests view a haunting, foggy landscape that is home to desert-adapted lion and antelope. During the day, four-wheel drives whiz up and down tawny dunes, past parched terrain, and along the edge of the brooding ocean, which crashes onto marbled sand, littered with whale bones. In the evenings, after the sun has burned the mist away, fynbos-infused gin and tonics are served on the beach. The lodge scene in Namibia is frenetic; this one slows things down to a speed that reminds guests they are at the ends of the earth.

The number of regulars who choose to return here year after year is almost as impressive as the astonishingly good game viewing on this ,acre concession. So how do you improve on such a popular classic? The result is a glamorous showstopper with the comfortable feel of a pair of soft Italian-leather boots.

It is distinctly vintage antique brass; Chesterfield sofas , yet slick where you want it to be, with handmade Mervyn Gers ceramics, Belgian-linen sheets on hand-stitched, crackled-leather beds, and an iPad in place of printed information. In between game drives, guests can take private yoga classes, relax in the library, swim lengths in the lap pool or sign up for a firm-handed massage in the Africology spa.

FLASH POINT Mombo has played a pivotal role in the protection of rhinos relocated from other parts of Africa and there is a wall of fame in camp dedicated to each beast named and dated that has made the journey to safety, thanks to guest sponsorship. Safari in Uganda and Rwanda has taken off these past few years.


East Africa needs a place where travelers can pull off the old bush-to-beach after gorilla-trekking that's on the level of the One and Only by Virunga, and closer than the hideaways of the Seychelles. With Zuri, guests can be atop those sugary sands within two hours of leaving the jungle. This breezy resort is delightfully tropical, even if its profusion of banana palms feels similar to the overgrowth guests would have been scrambling through earlier, to spy on silverbacks. Those who've been to this ancient island will know the second they step out from the open air lobby onto the tiered terraces, overlooking thatched roof yoga pavilions down to the cerulean blue, that this is a game changer.

A web of pathways weave through the dense bush, cutting past spice gardens the source of that lingering vanilla and cumin scent to the 55 standalone bungalows with outdoor showers of stone and bamboo walls. Zuri instantly makes Zanzibar a bush-to-beach option to rival the level of Mozambique and the Seychelles.

The hook this time? Exclusive access to areas for prime lion, leopard, and cheetah viewing, an increasingly valuable selling point as the game parks become more crowded. Nothing kills a buzz like waiting bumper-to-bumper to see a hyena. The veteran company negotiated for sole access to an entire 25, acres in the southeast of the reserve, including parts of neighboring Lion Sands and Charleston crisscrossed by both the Sand and Sabi rivers. Each of the ten guest rooms is at least a whopping 2, square feet, with an indoor-outdoor living space and a glass-walled bathroom with lots of forest-green marble.

Feast on global tapas for a late lunch poolside before treatments at the Africology-stocked spa, which has a sleek gym and full-length lap pool. Bespoke sofas and chairs throughout the lodge are angled for appreciating the degree view that often includes elephants and their babies drinking in the river. The landscape here is so phenomenal you may not even need to leave the terrace to brag about seeing the best wildlife at cocktail hour. Bulgari stands out for its ability to channel the city vibe without losing a sense of the brand's Italian DNA. Inside, an immaculately choreographed tussle between Italian and Chinese design is enacted in marble and bronze versus silk and lacquer.

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The exterior shimmers like a case filled with gems. The 82 rooms—including the ornate Bulgari Suite, said to be the biggest in the city—follow a palette of dark wood and balanced monochrome. But this town has never had an establishment like this before. But each Indian twist freshens everything up nicely: the printed textiles in vibrant yellows and reds; the locally sourced wicker-ware and hand-made furniture. Some may gripe about the location, in an story, Art Deco—style tower beside Juhu Beach, not far from the airport. The story of Amanyangyun could hardly be more extraordinary.

Omaanda, Ondekaremba, Namibia

In , Ma Dadong, a self-made billionaire, took a break from business in Shanghai to visit his parents. When he went back to work he took with him some curious souvenirs of his trip—50 disassembled houses from the Ming and Qing Dynasties and 10, camphor trees, the oldest of which were dated back two millennia, ancient earth still clinging to their roots.

All were slated for destruction to make way for a dam. The houses were reassembled and transformed into 13 antique villas, 24 courtyard suites, and a ravishing cultural pavilion known as Nanshufang. Welcome to Amanyangyun. The old buildings have been cleverly complemented, extended or, in some instances, encased by new ones, discreet, restrained, and hard-edged, the work of Australian architect Kerry Hill. Yet it is the old buildings and trees that provide the real drama here and impart a unique sense of spirituality and grandeur. Here, guests can enjoy the pastimes of the Chinese literati: calligraphy, painting, music, incense appreciation and gongfu cha, or "labor-intensive tea-making.

This Taj outpost is set on Havelock, an Indian island closer to Myanmar than its mother country, with dense forests and beautiful beaches. And this hotel has both: In front of it, two miles of pale, floury sand drops gently into a sapphire sea, and soaring above it are jungles of giant mahua and padauk trees that have stood here for centuries.

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Amid the palm trees and ponds of the landscaped, acre estate are 50 contemporary villas, with whitewashed wooden walls and curvaceous roofs inspired by the homes of the indigenous Jarawa tribe. All have muslin-draped four-posters and deep bathtubs from which to admire the stars through glass-paneled ceilings. Most guests spend their days reclining on day-beds beside the Olympic-length pool, swimming in the Indian Ocean, or propping up on the long bar, chatting to the friendly staff who whip up coconut cocktails and serve sensationally light crab salads, tandoor lobster, and chicken baked in bamboo stems.

No one can fail to be impressed. Suddenly, there is a very big reason to stay on in Cambodia after seeing the temples at Angkor Wat. Roughly halfway between the capital, Phnom Penh, and the south coast are acres of protected private land hosting a flamboyant new camp—and one of the hottest openings in Asia this year.

Opt to arrive by zip-line, landing next to a waterfall with huge double sun loungers in vivid greens and yellows, driftwood statues of life-size elephants, and 15 tented rooms, some with rolltop bathtubs on the riverside deck. He has once again partnered with hotelier Sokoun Chanpreda, who is behind three delightful properties in Siem Reap branded Shinta Mani. While staying here, join anti-elephant-poaching patrols or explore the hardwood forest between the Southern Cardamom and Kirirom National parks by mountain bike and kayak.

There are seemingly unlimited spa treatments, a sensational foot-long pool, and a daily menu under brilliant chef Patricia Yeo, who uses foraged greens, mushrooms, and fruits from the forest. Shinta Mani Wild opens up an entire region to the jetset, with style and a firm focus on the environment. The story steel and glass structure, shaped like a mythical Chinese dragon symbolizing health and prosperity, has drawn mixed reviews but the Rosewood Phnom Penh, which occupies its top 14 floors, only garners accolades.

To say that a bedroomed hotel with five restaurants, swimming pool, spa, patisserie, and whiskey library feels cozy may sound far-fetched. Art, often with a dash of whimsy, abounds. Cambodian artifacts, carved timber panels evoking the Khmer heritage, and artisanal crafts are here, there and everywhere. In a city where the blending of traditional and modern has been less seamless than its regional counterparts in Bangkok and Hanoi, this Rosewood pulls it off easily.

With its star attraction, Sora, the cantilevered sky bar, there is no where else you should stay in this town. Despite an uptick in visitors over the past decade, magical, spiritual Luang Prabang, in northern Laos, still has genuine caught-in-time appeal: a place to move easily between traditional gilded temples, saffron-clad monks, and francophone bookstores.

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For those chasing a Somerset Maugham fantasy, the new Rosewood Luang Prabang is the perfect home base. The hotel is on the outskirts of town, a simple minute drive from the historic district. The tents, luxe hillside aeries, require light climbing, but the payoff in privacy and sunrises from the balcony is worth it.

To reach all of the Bill Bensely—designed rooms teak and plenty of throwback touches like dial telephones and framed vintage maps , cross a river that snakes through the property. Cleverly, the wooden bridge is also a bar, serving excellent vodka highballs with Laotian snacks. A few days is utterly resetting; it may even compel some to put pen to paper and try for the next great novel.

The phrase game changer gets bandied around a lot, but the Datai was truly that when it opened 26 years ago, transforming this under-the-radar Malaysian castaway spot into the go-to Southeast Asian escape. But there are plenty of new elements to discover: a butterfly garden and a revamped spa with treatments by pedicure maestro Bastien Gonzalez. Most fun is the bigger beach club where families feast on satay as the sun sets. A game changer? But one that still feels like a wonderfully wild secret. But the notoriously inventive Bill Bensley envisioned something wholly divergent for this acre patch of jungle north of the city on the Wos River: a fanciful take on a tented camp pitched by earlyth-century spice traders.

This is hotel as theater: On arrival, visitors receive a survival kit sunscreen, insect repellent, a map , plus a carved walking stick to help pick their way over the suspension bridges leading to 22 black canvas tents with saltwater plunge pools. Nor does the food shake the storyline: The Mads Lange, named after a notorious Danish trader, turns out full English breakfasts in cast-iron pans.

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The clubby library is filled with books guests actually want to read and will soon be lending to the public. Also set to lure locals: an foot rooftop lap pool, with an alfresco bar and an edible garden, opening this summer.

Too Hot For A Spy (Zebra Debut)

Upstairs, intimate is a kind word for guest rooms that make the most of a minimal footprint, with yacht-like cabinetry and space-saving design. Try not to bring more than two suitcases. The minibar, however, is as maximal as they come: a marble-topped set piece stocked with William Yeoward crystal, a wellness guide, and baoding balls to help unwind. Stepping inside is arresting—not only because of the jewel-encrusted screen that anchors the lobby but also because the hotel has a purification system that promises the cleanest air in the pollution-choked city.

Adam Tihany was tasked with the redo and took subtle cues from the work of Sir Edwin Lutyens, the architect behind the layout of modern New Delhi. The rooms are generously sized—taking a gamble by reducing the count from paid off—and details like gilt-edged Art Deco touches and sprawling stand-alone bathtubs are suitably ornate. The magnificent landmark is restored as the pulse point of the city. The laid-back Med luxe is epitomized in the sunset-facing Mura Bar, the sky-blue shutters, wicker globe lamps, and chic cane sofas making it the hotspot for a sundowner and a suck on a shisha pipe.

Every last detail is simple and delicious, down to the coconut croissants. Japanese Saoke, one of three restaurants, serves 50 different sakes. But the highlight is lying back in a hammock and watching soft-bellied fruit bats swoop down while nursing a cocktail. But then, white stone villas that resemble something in Greece or Ibiza have never been done over these waters before. Isabelle Miaja, the diving-enthusiast designer who was also behind Ozen by Atmosphere on neighboring Maadhoo, wanted it to feel like the type of place Bond Craig, not Connery would escape to post-mission, when needing a hit of punched-up sexy solitude.