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Emma, the star of Captial W's RED FLAGS, is part of the Hollywood Fringe Festival's line up this year, but I was lucky enough to catch a preview.

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How to Do Disney: A Disney Parks Guide by a Former Cast Member

My son said it was sort of grey looking in daytime without the lighting. The wait time for the ride at 8pm was 2 and a half hours!!. We skipped it. The main point being to go after dark to see the lighting. But it sounds magical! Hey lia, thanks for all the great suggestions!

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We are visiting for the first time next summer. We are staying on site for 16 nights. The suggestion about going to first ride when park opens and then using fast pass is great. Thanks so much…Andrew. What a wonderful post! When I was younger I auditioned for Disneyland as a singer but did not make it.

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Thank you for these great tips! I have been doing a lot of research for my daughter who is going to Disneyland in March. Do you have any suggestions that was not mentioned in your post that might help make this a less crazy couple of days? She is 12 years old and loves rollers coasters. Whoops, just saw this comment!

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I hope you had a great trip. Love this article. We will be going on our 4th trip in June ugh, hot, lines, I know… Anyway, this is 1st time my 31 yr old son can join us with his wife She is NOT excited…. I am just flabbergasted- what girl has never wanted to BE a Disney Princess?!?! I saw the Drinks Around the World Showcase, but is there anything else I can use to entice excitement or even surprise her with while we are there??? Maybe have her pick a restaurant to make reservations at in the World Showcase — nothing gets me more excited than looking forward to an amazing meal.

Or you could do something else outside of the parks, like the Wild Africa Trek at Animal Kingdom or even just spending a day at one of the 2 water parks. Just out of interest, Amy, how did it go? Did your DIL fall in love with Disney? Hope your trip was totally magical.

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Great information! I have a question…. They are making an exception in letting us do this and the one downfall is this fast pass issue…. I am not worried about me… but I am worried about my son… what are the chances the cast members would allow him to ride with the group..

I would actually ask the Cast Member who helps you with your annual pass. Or a concierge at your resort, or someone who works at a desk with a computer. Best of luck! Im putting off visiting Dysney anything until my kids are old enough to know about it and whinge — but this will come in helpful when I do! Safe D begins with me!

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  8. Once upon a time I had a dream of being a Disney cast member. These are wonderful tips! Love insider tips. I have never been to Disney and it is on my list. I have pinned to use when we plan a trip. My 1 Disney item is my 3L Camelbak for sure! I have a question on Booking with hotelscombined, if you do it this way and link as you say. Can you still purchase the tickets and dining package? I was looking and it is so much cheaper to book this way but we really want to get the dining package. Hey Stacie! They said you CAN add on a dining package to a third party resort package but you have to purchase it at the same time!

    You should be able to book your dining package along with your resort on whatever third party site you use. BUT you cannot add your dining package on after you book your resort if you go through a third party. Just curious. So guests are being herded in certain directions the minute the park closes, and then as guests filter out one by one, cast members begin to close off more areas with barriers to make the available areas smaller, and so on until all of the traffic has cleared.

    After the park closes overnight, crews of maintenance men, painters, and other magic-makers arrive in their equipment to fix up absolutely every inch of the park, install new festival displays, etc. Entire festivals appear overnight. Why does Disney take your picture when getting a DAS card?


    I thought it was maybe because they gave you an ID to carry but that never happened. Do the cast members see a picture of you on the screen when you check in to a ride? Hi, Lia and Jeremy! As former Disney cast member, would you happen to know where I can purchase the costume used to welcome guests at Reflections of China movie. Any info on this or sources for Disney cast costumes would be much appreciated! Thank you so much and hope you have a great day! I saw it online and my friend and I asked a cast member at our hotel and they confirmed it.

    This gave us the freedom to go to Kennedy Space Center and leave the parks for dinner. It also allowed us the freedom to run to the dollar store to get snacks and bottles of water for our rooms. This was especially helpful since I had to make emergency repairs to my ears I made a pair of Mickey Ears. It was easily over 30 minutes, while transport to the other parks came and went with regularity.

    At least on the ride back, there was shelter. I was actually looking for stuff to do around here and now I want to go to Disney and have a blog for Brazilians so they can have as much fun as me reading yours! I love it!! Writing down all the tips, thanks lady! Awww welcome to the Bay, Sophia!! You are only a short flight away from Disney so YES you should totally write a blog. Brazilians certainly seem to know how to have a good time at Disney!! Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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