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The people, Europa, etc, are too far to bring in enough visitors to boost the local economy, to cover the cost. You saw it in a sport that is the most popular in Africa.

Watch: Guptas slam banks on CNN

Now you want it to happen again. Neither will Cape Town be better know than as it now. A couple of petrolheads in a pub that cant afford to travel? I love the sport, but one should be realistic. Credit card people. Funny how Monaco manages it. Wake up Cape Town. You need this. We need this.

Monaco doesn't have the priorities of getting services to the absolute poor. Look at the nearby and massive European population who love the sport and can afford to attend. Well said. If anything the people in the residential areas in Seapoint and Greenpoint will have prime positioning! Narrow minded is all I can say Please, do not get exited on that part.

That is nothing and short lived. Do the sum. Naai ou broer, dis mos cheap. Ons dice op in af in Voortrekker road elke Friday Another DA screw up F1 is massive will have a massive impact on the Cape This would be absolutely the best event Cape Town could ever host and if other countries can do it, so can we Have the City gone through a consultative process firstly with the residents of the area and Secondly the general public of the broader Cape Town?

If so, provide the public with evidence.

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Yes, with back streets with no fasilities. As long as we shine on top. Of course any extra cash to fund these things will come from the magic money tree so we taxpayers won't have to moan because rates and taxes won't go up to fill the gap Cape Towns tourism does not need any help whatsoever, tourism is booming here, in fact a grand prix would detract from Cape Town's natural appeal.

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What you don't seem to realise is that the DA represents us, the tax payer,who will be paying for this event at the end of the day Tho obvioulsy somoene who lives in gugulethu doesn't pay any taxes,so u not bothered about the cost since someone else will be paying for it.

What's the benefit for u? Just think of the publicity!!!!!!!!

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It's not a bloody race where cars just hoon around If this was another soccer world cup or any soccer crap at all, then it wil be oky Oh and let's not even get started with the so called "noise" the F1 cars would make, what about monaco mmmm??? The sound of those cars are beautiful and amazing, If these retards are to stupid to not think logical and to not accomodate an event as large as this, then it's they're own downfall. Enough said!!!

Those retards, as you put it, thought with their logic and not emotions as you do. Research the economic impact, then see who is the retard. Thus far the only person benefiting is Bernie Eccleston at the cost of rate payers in most of the cities with street tracks, Monaco being the exception. Australia are searching for a way out of their 5 year contract for the same reasons, the China government has agreed to finance the loss of the Chines GP in order to "boost the public image of China", and this in their own words, not mine.

The only way London can have a GP if if Bernie waves his 30 million pound fee as promised, and will get nothing of the million in TV rights, which London does not want to agree to.

Kudos to our local government for resisting all the flash and promises. But instead of rubbishing the idea let's push for a better deal? Just look at that proposed track. Imagine the helicopter shots sweeping over the sea onto the stadium and the mountain.

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Spot on. He gets presure from other places because they want a bigger deal. Now he wants to come to Africa, thinking we are toooo stupid to do the sum. I also agree with last paragraph, but then the balance sheet must 1st balance. Untold profits is exactly the right word, as no street track except Monaco makes money as they do not pay R Million to host the race they do not pay a cent , get all advertising revenue that normally goes to Bernie, and keep the money at the turnstiles.

Robin Carlise's dead body. The trash who assume they have the right to pollute an area with noise, have got a bloody nerve. Have your trashy sports event by all means, but take it out into the Karoo where civilised people do not have to have their ears blasted; not even for one day. I am fervently thankful that the event will not come to Durban where I live. Typical DA thinking here Dude if u remember anything about the world cup and how ferverently the green point ratepayers association fought against the new stadium, you would realise theres no way they would back a bid for F1 to come into their back yard.

I am an enthusiastic F1 fan, but leave these ppl in peace. Imagine the traffic nightmare around this event in cape town,not only is our public transport a shambles it is ridiculously expensive compared to the rest of the world. It can only be hosted away from the city centre unfortunately, Cape Town cbd is a pipedream. What locals don't realise is that any Grand Prix held here would be way above the means of the normal local to afford anyway. I am sure the idiots on Durban Corporation would jump at the chance. Grand Prix. Look at the track in yellow. Where exactly is the overtaking going to happen?!

I'd rather have no race in CT than a boring procession. Cape black-flags F1 Grand Prix Comments Gary De Sousa - Firstly let me say if the cost to the city is too high then congrats to the local gov not spending money on it. Joe Muhr - You mean Monte Carlo? Gary5 - Eeekkk Joe you right of coursr, it must be all this jhb smog blocking the cells.

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Martin Ferguson - That is just wrong. Heinrich Rall - And your property value would soar as a result. Bring F1 to Africa! We want it here! Climate Endangered. Looking like a piece of bark come to life, the Brown Creeper crawls up trunks of trees, ferreting out insect eggs and other morsels missed by more active birds. It is easily overlooked until its thin, reedy call gives it away. Reaching the top of one tree, it flutters down to the base of another to begin spiraling up again.

Creepers even place their nests against tree trunks, tucked under loose slabs of bark, where they are very difficult to find. Feeding Behavior Does almost all foraging on trunk and limbs of trees, climbing slowly with tail braced against surface, examining bark visually and probing in crevices. Eggs , sometimes Young Both parents bring food for nestlings. Diet Mostly insects. Nesting Male defends nesting territory by singing. How climate change could affect this bird's range In the broadest and most detailed study of its kind, Audubon scientists have used hundreds of thousands of citizen-science observations and sophisticated climate models to predict how birds in the U.

Learn more. Read more: climate. Help this map take flight. More on reading these maps.